Biophys Turns 10 in UK

The feeling of peace and quiet is palpable as one walks down the pathway joining the block where Biophys’s new office is located to the road leading to the canteen. Birds can be heard twittering and chirping in the trees overhead and the blue skies add to a profound sense of wellbeing. This is all the more significant as this scene is playing itself out in Wales, land of lush, green hills…and rain.

That peace and quiet is replaced by a cacophony of chatter and the homely aromas of freshly cooked cottage pie, jacket potatoes and coffee as the door to the canteen is opened. It’s lunchtime in the canteen at Mamhilad Industrial Estate.

This hidden gem of a workplace is located in Torfaen, South Wales. Built on the site of the former ICI factory that was the largest employer in the area in the 1950s to 1970s, the vision for the 43 acre site is for it to be rejuvenated into a vibrant and modern community. Biophys is pleased to be a part of this process and looking forward to the journey.